Colquitt Handcrafted Copperhead Road Soap for Men

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This handcrafted Copperhead Road soap is a sexy signature blend created to pay homage to our Southern roots.  This scent encompasses a lot of Southern Charms, from its name straight to the heart of this moisturizing beauty.  

Back-wood Oaks, blood orange, red pepper, vanilla bourbon, dark amber, smells like back roads with a wee bit of summer and moonshine in the air.  

Be prepared to make up reasons you "need" to take a shower with this moisturizing rich and hydrating soap!

Made with Organic Coconut oil and Organic Olive oil this rich lathering soap is not only beautifully designed, its amazing for your skin.

We know you'll enjoy the deep rich woodsy scent of this handcrafted bar, created for Men but Women love it too! This is one 5.5 ounce bar.